New Laws, 2019

By Pete Williams – Re-Blogged From NBC News

In states across the country, new measures are kicking in 2019 that affect virtually every area of residents’ lives — and your furry friends, too.
Image: Leaves begin turning color on Big Pond near Woodford, Vermont, in 2007.

Leaves begin turning color on Big Pond near Woodford, Vermont, in 2007.Stan Honda / AFP/Getty Images file

WASHINGTON — The new year brings a host of state laws that take effect Tuesday — including Vermont paying people to move there.

The state will give people up to $10,000 over two years for those employed by out-of-state companies who are willing to work remotely from Vermont in a home office or cooperative work space.

“We have a demographic problem in the state. We need more people,” said Governor Phil Scott in supporting the measure.


Law vs Legislation

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

In our society, and every society, there are rules. Ideally, all the rules are applied equally, and nobody feels put out by having to abide by them.

Some rules evolved naturally, as a consequence of some activity which people engaged in. That’s why in the US, and in many countries, we drive on the right. We decided, when we still were using horses and buggies, that keeping to the right – even when walking on the sidewalk – facilitated movement.

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