Earth Day Should Celebrate “Engines and Electricity”

By Viv Forbes – Re-Blogged From

Most chapters of human history are defined by the tools and machines that were used.

In the Stone Age, the first tools were “green tools” – digging sticks, spears, boomerangs, bows and arrows made of wood; and axes, clubs, knives and grinders made of stone. These were all powered by human energy.

Then humans learned how to control fire for warmth, cooking, warfare and hunting.

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Reich Rages Against the Machines

Luddite inequality warriors attack technological progress

Former Labor Secretary (and serial doom-monger) Robert Reich is stoking the fires of paranoia about robots and automation as the latest, greatest threats to “equality,” prompting inequality warriors to turn against the machines, after they’re through with the capitalists, the bankers, and the 1 percent.

But George Mason Economics Professor (and former FEE President) Don Boudreax offers a pointed rebuttal to the idea that we should fear mechanization and technology in his letter to Alternet:

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