Is Medicinal Cannabis Disappearing?

[Free Markets work wherever they’re given an opportunity. Here, guest writer Sara Ochs looks briefly at the medicinal vs the recreational markets for marijuana – a little different than our usual fare. BTW, many years ago, I was surprised to learn that marijuana was the 2nd biggest cash crop in Florida, where it was grown between the rows of corn to lend a little privacy from above. – Bob]

By Sara Ochs

Since 1996, California has been the top supplier of medicinal marijuana in the United States of America. However, legalizing recreational marijuana for anyone 21 and older creates an upcoming problem for the Medical Cannabis industry. The moment sales for recreational-marijuana begins, the need to head to the doctor to fill that prescription will no longer be a go-to for those that have used it for the last 20 years. It also cuts out the physician referrals time and costs that are needed. There is a possibility that the now growing recreational-pot industry will swallow up the medical dispensaries and medical-cannabis industry.

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Judge Rules Home Raid over Tea Counts as Probable Cause

By Joe Scudder – Re-Blogged From

“This is not what justice in the United States is supposed to be.” – Addie Harte

Back in March of 2014, Mark Horne posted about how the Harte family was terrorized by police in a raid. The raid was based on the husband buying material at a hydroponics store, and the discovery of used wet tea leaves in the family garbage. The hydroponics equipment was perfectly legal and was purchased for a father-son science project. The tea was “field tested,” which is notorious for false positives. They never bothered to send it to a lab for a real test. (By the way, I thought marijuana was smoked. Why would someone soak it and then throw it away?)

The basis of the warrant was treated as a secret. The Harte family had to pay a lawyer to demand answers.

When they found out the flimsy basis for the raid, they sued the police for not having probable cause.

A judge has thrown out their lawsuit. Reason Magazine reports,

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