Scientists Say New Artificial Cartilage Could Be Used in Knees

By Dan Robitzski – Re-Blogged From Futurism
“We set out to make the first hydrogel that has the mechanical properties of cartilage.”

A team of scientists may have finally found a way to replace knee cartilage after injuries or the normal wear and tear of aging.

Cartilage can’t be grown back, but a new material may be able to take its place. The key is a hydrogel that’s both strong and flexible enough to survive the abuse it endures while cushioning your knees, ScienceAlert reports. If the material gets approved for clinical use, it could present an alternative to far more invasive — and often short-lived — knee replacement surgeries.

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Scientists Say New Nanomaterial Could “Replace Human Tissue”

Altered Carbon

European researchers say they’ve invented a rubbery nanomaterial that seamlessly integrates with the human body — which could pave the way for everything from new reconstructive surgeries to extreme body modification.

“We were really surprised that the material turned out to be very soft, flexible and extremely elastic,” said Anand Rajasekharan, one of the researchers behind the new material, in a press release that claimed the material could “replace human tissue.”

Human Tissue

The nontoxic material, described in depth by scientists at Chalmers University in Sweden in a new paper in the journal ACS Nano, is made of the same stuff as plexiglass.

Scientists Place Humans in “Suspended Animation” for First Time

By Victor Tangermann – Re-Blogged From Futurism

They cool your body — and replace your blood with an ice-cold salt solution.

A team of doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have placed humans in “suspended animation” for the first time as part of a trial that could enable health professionals to fix traumatic injuries such as a gunshot or stab wound that would otherwise end in death, according to a New Scientist exclusive.

Suspended animation — or “emergency preservation resuscitation,” in medical parlance — involves rapidly cooling a patient’s body down to ten to 15 degrees Celsius (50 to 59 Fahrenheit) by replacing their blood with an ice-cold salt solution.

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Cancer “Vaccine” That Wipes out Tumors Ready for Human Trial

By Chelsea Gohd – Re-Blogged From Futurism

In Brief: After showing remarkable results in animal models, a new localized immunotherapy that targets the tumor with a simple injection is ready to enter clinical trials.

Cancer “Vaccine”

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a compound that when injected into a tumor destroys it along with all the other cancerous masses present in the body.

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New Discoveries in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

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Key insights into how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics could reverse the process and renew the efficacy of commonly prescribed medications.

Coney Island Incubator Babies

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg     By Bob Shapiro

My wife just called my attention to an obituary of a 96 year old “Coney Island Incubator Baby.” What’s that, I asked, and I found a wonderful story of US Free Enterprise, borrowing and building upon innovation from France, early in the 20th Century.

Lucille Horn, Who Was Nursed To Health In A Coney Island Sideshow, Dies At 96

In this 2015 photograph, Lucille Horn stands on the boardwalk outside her home in Long Beach, N.Y.

Frank Eltman/AP