Deet Gives Humans an ‘Invisibilty Cloak’ to Fend Off Mosquito Bites

By Johns Hopkins Medical – Re-Blogged From Eureka Alert

IMAGE: Anopheles mosquito antennae in apparatus used in these experiments. view more 

Credit: Christopher Potter

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Gene Editing Wipes Out Mosquitoes in the Lab

By Anthony Watts – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Researchers have used gene editing to completely eliminate populations of mosquitoes in the lab.

The team tested their technique on the mosquito Anopheles gambiae, which transmits malaria.

Anopheles gambiae Image: Wikipedia

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Enemies of Humanity

By Steven Lyazi  Re-Blogged From

Mosquitoes and uncaring environmental activists perpetuate poverty, disease and death

After being infected again with malaria last July, I spent almost a month in a Kampala hospital. Paying for my treatment was extremely difficult, as it is for most Ugandan and African families. I was lucky I could scrape the money together. Many families cannot afford proper treatment.

Where and how can they get the money to go back to the hospital again and again, every time a family member gets malaria, when they also need food, clothes and so many other things – or malaria makes them so sick that they can’t work for weeks or even months? Many parents can do nothing except watch their loved ones die in agony, and then give them a simple burial.

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