Judge Rules Home Raid over Tea Counts as Probable Cause

By Joe Scudder – Re-Blogged From http://politicaloutcast.com

“This is not what justice in the United States is supposed to be.” – Addie Harte

Back in March of 2014, Mark Horne posted about how the Harte family was terrorized by police in a raid. The raid was based on the husband buying material at a hydroponics store, and the discovery of used wet tea leaves in the family garbage. The hydroponics equipment was perfectly legal and was purchased for a father-son science project. The tea was “field tested,” which is notorious for false positives. They never bothered to send it to a lab for a real test. (By the way, I thought marijuana was smoked. Why would someone soak it and then throw it away?)

The basis of the warrant was treated as a secret. The Harte family had to pay a lawyer to demand answers.

When they found out the flimsy basis for the raid, they sued the police for not having probable cause.

A judge has thrown out their lawsuit. Reason Magazine reports,

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