Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #338

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By Ken Haapala, President

Quote of the Week: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” — Attributed to Abraham Lincoln

Number of the Week: Minus 211,000 bb/d


The Persistent Sun: In his first blog post in ScienceBits for some time, Nir Shaviv, Chairman, Racah Institute of Physics, describes his brief presentation to Environment committee of the German Bundestag. The invitation was quite a surprise, because Shaviv is a climate “skeptic” meaning he does not believe carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary driver of climate change – the sun is. Shaviv makes another important distinction between his work and the work of global warming promoters of CO2-caused warming such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its US followers, the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). As Shaviv states:

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Reich Rages Against the Machines

Luddite inequality warriors attack technological progress
By ANYTHING PEACEFUL – Re-Blogged From http://www.FEE.org

Former Labor Secretary (and serial doom-monger) Robert Reich is stoking the fires of paranoia about robots and automation as the latest, greatest threats to “equality,” prompting inequality warriors to turn against the machines, after they’re through with the capitalists, the bankers, and the 1 percent.

But George Mason Economics Professor (and former FEE President) Don Boudreax offers a pointed rebuttal to the idea that we should fear mechanization and technology in his letter to Alternet:

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