Blood Transfusions Helped a Menopausal Woman Get Pregnant

By Dan Robitzski – Re-Blogged From Futurism

“There are loads of questions that we still have to answer.”

In an unusual medical experiment, a menopausal woman and three perimenopausal women all got pregnant after they were given transfusions of their own blood.

It’s a fascinating study, suggesting that platelet-rich blood transfusions may be able to reverse some aspects and symptoms of menopause, New Scientist reports. There are a lot of caveats that call the discovery into question — more on those later — but it’s an intriguing idea that at least warrants a closer look from scientists.

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Can New Techniques Replace Cartilage Lost to Arthritis?

By Lynn Allison – Re-Blogged From Newsmax Health

The controversy is electric. Clinics are opening across the country promising they can regenerate cartilage lost by arthritis by injecting products such as hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the knee joint, the most common area that suffers degeneration.

But experts say that these techniques only provide temporary anti-inflammatory relief, at best, and repeated injections may actually worsen the condition.

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