The Fallen Soldier

By Jocko Willink

Others have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could be free. Remember them—today, and always. A moving tribute, written and narrated by former Navy SEAL and author Jocko Willink.

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A Majority of Americans Believe OTHER People Should Make Climate Sacrifices

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Nobody seems to mind, if a “Green” clocks up a lot of air miles.

According to The Federalist, a majority of Americans believe climate action is a priority – as long as it doesn’t impact their lifestyle choices.

Americans Say They Care About Climate Change, But Don’t You Dare Ban Air Travel

Nowhere in the list of things that voters liked that should be done to cope with the ‘national emergency’ were measures that would affect their lifestyles or choices.

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