Cause and Timings of El Nino Events, 1850-Present

[See bottom for a description of an El Nino. -Bob]

By Burl C Henry


An hypothesis is presented that the cause of an EL Nino event is the reduction in the amount of dimming Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) aerosol emissions into the troposphere.

For the modern era, 1850 – present, the SO2 removal episodes are coincident with either business recessions, or environmentally-driven reductions in net global SO2 aerosol emissions.


One of the enduring questions regarding Earth’s climate has been what causes the onset of an El Nino event, because of their generally adverse impact upon the Earth’s weather. They are believed to have occurred for thousands of years, but up until now, the reason for their appearance has been the subject of much debate.

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Climate Change Deciphered (The Real “Inconvenient” Truth)

[Here’s a study which indicates that SO2 in the atmosphere may be the global warming control knob – and NOT CO2 – at least in modern times. – Bob]

By Burl Henry


New observations conclusively prove that ALL of the anomalous warming that has occurred from 1975-to the present has been due to the removal of dimming Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) aerosols from the troposphere due to EPA-driven Clean Air efforts.

With all of the warming accounted for by the reduction in SO2 emissions, there can never have been any additional warming due to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or other “greenhouse” gasses.


Much has been written about the role of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other “greenhouse” gasses in causing the anomalous global warming that has occurred between 1975 and the present. However, recent observations conclusively prove that the none of the warming can have been due to “greenhouse” gasses:

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It’s SO2, Not CO2

By Buel Henry – Re-Blogged From

In 2007, the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to Albert Gore and the IPCC for their work in promoting the theory that global warming was caused by green-house gasses, and that, based upon computer simulations, increasing amounts of these gasses in the atmosphere would cause runaway warming, with disastrous consequences for the planet.

At the time, this appeared to be a plausible explanation for the warming, since CO2 levels in the atmosphere were clearly rising. However, for the past 15 years or so, there has been a “Pause” (no statistically significant warming) in the warming trend, leaving scientists around the world scratching their heads for an explanation, since this was not predicted by any of their models.

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