Confidential: How to Hide the Pause

By Iain Aitken – Re-Blogged From

[CAUTION: Biting Sarcasm! – Bob]

Dear Colleagues – As President Trump hints at the withdrawal of our country from the Paris climate accord there has never been a greater threat to the Cause of saving our planet from catastrophic man-made global warming – so now, more than ever, we must be adroit in all dealings with the media. Whilst it is true that the climate models are obviously running hot and we appear to have assumed far too high a value for climate sensitivity and have obviously grossly underestimated natural climate variability we can rest assured that these highly damaging facts are far too arcane for the scientifically illiterate public, journalists and politicians; fortunately it is only the climate change sceptics who understand how all this undermines our great Cause – and happily we continue to be highly successful in discrediting and silencing them. But should the global warming Pause ever be publically acknowledged this could destroy us – it is our Sword of Damocles. Therefore I would urge you to study and memorise the imaginary interview below setting our clear steps that you should follow in any dealings with the media to help ensure that this potential disaster does not befall us. Continue reading

New Study Confirms: The Warming ‘PAUSE’ is Real and Revealing

By Dr David Whitehouse  – Re-Blogged From

A new paper has been published in the Analysis section of Nature called Reconciling controversies about the ‘global warming hiatus.’ It confirms that the ‘hiatus’ or ‘pause’ is real. It is also rather revealing.

It attempts to explain the ‘Pause’ by looking into what is known about climate variability. They say that four years after the release of the IPCC AR5 report, which contained much about the ‘hiatus’ it is time to see what can be learned.

One could be a little sarcastic in saying why would Nature devote seven of its desirable pages to an event that some vehemently say never existed and maintain its existence has been disproved long ago. Now, however, as the El Nino spike of the past few years levels off, analysing the ‘pause’ seems to be coming back into fashion.

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Strange New Climate Change Spin: The Hottest Year Ever Inside a Global Warming ‘Pause’?

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There are two stories floating around about the state of the earth’s atmosphere. Both are believed true by government-funded scientists and the environmentally minded. The situation is curious because the stories don’t mesh. Yet, as I said, both are believed. Worse, neither is true.

Story number one is that this year will be the hottest ever. And number two is that the reason it is not hot is because “natural variation” has masked or stalled man-caused global warming.

Which is it? Either it’s hotter than ever or it isn’t. If it is, then (it is implied) man-caused global warming has not “paused.” If it isn’t, if man-caused global warming has “paused,” then it is not growing hotter.

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How We Broke the Climate Change Debates. Lessons Learned for the Future

By Larry Kummer – From the Fabius Maximus website.

Summary:  This, my 305th post about climate, explains what I’ve learned so far. I believe that climate science as an institution has become dysfunctional; large elements of the public no longer trust it. The politics of climate change are polarized and gridlocked. The weather will determine the evolution of US public policy. All we can do is learn what went wrong so we can do better next time, and wait to see the price we pay for our folly.

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On climate, the Right is right – Global temperature update: the Pause is still 18 years 1 month

Climate Models are crap! For example, they didn’t forecast any chance of a zero global temperature rise during the last 18 years 1 month, which has occurred. Read the analysis below.

Watts Up With That?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

One of the most interesting statistics from the recent mid-terms was the New York Times’ exit poll (Fig. 1), showing that more than two-thirds of “Democrat” voters thought climate change was a serious problem. Five-sixths of Republicans didn’t.


Figure 1. The New York Times’ exit poll showing the partisan divide on climate.

Put this interesting statistic with another interesting statistic: the growth in the CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. In 1988, the year in which IPeCaC was founded and James Hansen first bleated about the imagined threat of “global warming” before Congress after Senator Tim Wirth had had the air-conditioning turned off in the hearing room, the world emitted 22 million tonnes of CO2 a year.

In 2013, just 25 years later, 35 million tonnes of CO2 were emitted. For all the chatter about the need to cut CO2 emissions, for all…

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