Yahoo! Indifference or Incompetence

   By Bob Shapiro

On several occasions, I have told Yahoo! that their lack of updating one of their web pages was making them look foolish. Most recently, over a month ago, I wrote to the head of the company, but still there is no change.

So, I put it to you. Is this a case of Indifference or just rank Incompetence? Please note in the image below both the date of the screen capture and the date of the chart, which hasn’t been updated in over 3 years! Does this affect your level of trust in other data that Yahoo! presents?

Damn you Microsoft! How to Remove the Windows 10 ‘free upgrade’ Icon

By Anthony Watts – Re-Blogged From

From the don’t force shit on me I don’t want and prevent me from saying NO department.

Forgive my off-topic rant, but this will be useful for others having this same problem. One of the things I hate about Microsoft recently is the idea that Windows 8, 8.1, and the upcoming Windows 10 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you own a Windows based tablet, or a Windows phone, it probably is (I own a Windows 8 based tablet, and I’m able to use it just fine, because Windows 8.1 is a touch based operating system).

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