The Math Of Epidemics

By Willis Eschenbach – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Watts Up With That is about more than just the climate. It’s also about interesting things in the world. So if you’re looking for just climate, this isn’t the post for you. However, it’s an interesting peregrination through the world of the mathematics of illness.

We’ve been hearing a lot about “exponential growth” in relation to the cases, spread, and mortality of the Wuhan Virus. And to be sure, it is indeed a global health crisis, one we need to take very seriously.

The curious part is, “exponential growth” doesn’t actually describe the progress of a given disease. Exponential growth never stops—it just gets larger and larger, going up and up without end. But that’s not what happens with a disease.

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Louisiana Postpones April 4 Primary Because of Wuhan Virus

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‘This weighty decision has been made out of an absolute abundance of caution…’

Louisiana‘s governor planned to postpone the state’s presidential primaries due to fears of the Wuhan virus, an aide said Friday, which would make it the first state to do so.

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards planned to sign an executive order delaying the April 4 primary until June 20, said his spokeswoman Christina Stephens.

Louisiana Postpones April 4 Primary Because of Wuhan Virus

John Bel Edwards/AP Photo

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