President Trump’s Travel Halt

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

I’ve been reading about the temporary ban on immigrants from the seven countries. Arguments which say that legal aliens who were here, working as professors or researchers, etc who traveled back to one of those seven countries should not be delayed in coming back to their jobs. Those arguments make a lot of sense to me.

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Typical Muslim Professor or Researcher

Then there are those who say that with the flood of foreigners trying to enter the US from one of the seven countries, they need to be vetted much better than those from other countries in order to protect Americans. And, the ban is temporary, except for Syria. Those arguments also make a lot of sense to me.

However, a lot of the tempest revolves around it possibly being a Muslim ban. That to me is poppycock! It is a delay not a ban from only those seven terrorism infested countries, which represent only a fraction of the Muslim world population. This is NOT a religious ban.

There are religions, and there are actions that people do because of what they think their religion says they should do. Those actions are NOT the religion the people practice. If those actions are bad for our country, then it is the job of our elected and appointed officials to do what is needed to fend off the threat. They need to do their jobs.

One way is through profiling. When done well, profiling works. So for example, if police are trying to find the rapist of a woman, they start the profile by looking only at males. Fairness has zero to do with it. It’s a matter of narrowing down the possibilities to one (or several) categories of people which might include the perpetrator.

Now, a profile could be wrong, but it still might make sense to use it. If an abortion clinic gets bombed, a shop window in Berkeley gets busted during a demonstration/riot, or a policeman gets ambushed in San Antonio, it might be reasonable to look for a Catholic/Christian, a liberal college age demonstrator, or a resident of San Antonio.

Image result for muslim

Typical Radicalized Muslim Would-Be Terrorist

So now we come to acts of terrorism. Globally, acts of terrorism in recent years overwhelmingly have been by people identifying themselves as Muslim. Within the seven countries mentioned in the ban, terrorism is a fact of daily life. There is much evidence that many Muslims in those countries hate our guts and tell us they want to kill or subjugate us.

Persecution of minorities, especially Catholics and others, is rampant in these countries. Accounts of rapes and other assaults in Europe by newly arrived Muslim immigrants are widespread. And yes, many Muslims in those countries would like to get away from the madness in their home countries, and they would be an asset wherever they settled.

The previous Presidential Administration rushed Muslims from these countries into the US at a rate that the government admitted made adequate vetting impossible. Candidate Trump said he would – and President Trump is acting to – slow the process to allow for coming up with a proper vetting scheme.

That mostly Muslims will be delayed is neither fair nor not fair. It is just our government officials trying to do the job they were hired to do.


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