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By Don Swenson – Re-Blogged From

Change is in the ‘air’ and 2017 is likely to lead to major changes within our global political/economic/religious/scientific system. People are starting to think about all the various issues which will be emerging all around our planet. The issues are complex and confusing as paradox is a major part of the problem. Our world mostly operates with paradox and contrarian perplexities. Let’s review our global situation briefly for further understanding and comprehension:

Middle-East Situation

The wars and chaos over in the Middle-East are tragic and must eventually be resolved. Thousands have been killed and millions are seeking refuge. Basically, the Islamic countries (within this Middle East territory) do not see eye to eye with Western hegemonic goals and visions. Since the end of WWI this region has been in continuing turmoil…and recent events are now culminating into serious chaos (leading to WW III potentially). Syria is unable to govern itself. Iraq is unable to govern itself. The same goes for Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Gambia, Nigeria, and a host of similar Islamic nations where the rule of law does not work effectively. Leaders cannot solve any of the core political secular problems. The core issues are actually spiritual!

The issues between the Palestinians and the Israelis has been a festering issue since the U.N. established the State of Israel. The issues (land/settlements/rulership) have been unresolved since Israel’s founding in 1948. All these issues have a spiritual core which never gets addressed by our politicians. Man’s political gimmicks and machinations cannot resolve any of these ‘inner’ issues of the mind/soul. The time for a spiritual renaissance within the Middle East is now. Who will get this started? All issues which cannot be resolved with money and political mandates are likely to be core spiritual issues. Give this some reflection in your thinking…as the situation worsens!

The European Situation

Europe is basically falling apart due to a new populism and a general public awareness that combining these unique nations (via a united Europe) will not work. The Euro currency is unstable and without any solid foundation (as a unit of value). The debt situation is beyond resolution. The unelected elites within the various political structures are mostly ineffective and dysfunctional. We now have Brexit (which is revealing that the general system is not working) and soon the Netherlands and France will desire to exit this political dysfunctional structure. Europe is fragmenting fast and this trend is now in motion for 2017 and beyond. Expect more fragmentation and more dysfunction.

The recent refugee/immigrant situation is creating fragmented societies (within Europe) where assimilation is unlikely to happen. The mindset of the refugees is to seek a solution within Islam and this theology does not allow any assimilation into a secular/humanistic European culture. The trends are now towards dysfunction in political relations and this will lead to more conflict and contention going forward. Again, the solution is spiritual and theological…not more secular mandates by governmental leaders. What is needed is an understanding of human nature and the two realms of reality which we all experience in real-time (mind/matter).

The Trumpian Doctrine

With the election of Donald Trump we now have another trend in motion that is mostly opposite (policy-wise) to what occurred under the Obama administration. This means more chaos, confusion, and serious change for 2017. Trade relations are changing (Mexico, China, Germany), currency manipulation issues are a new factor (China, Germany), tax policies will likely change globally, and stock/bond markets will become more volatile and unreal. If Trump decides to deal seriously with our National Debt situation then a serious economic decline/depression is forthcoming.

On issues of foreign policy under the Trump Doctrine will likely increase tensions globally. His desire to solve issues with a Might makes Right philosophy will only lead to a similar counter response from our enemies. The end result of this mindset is WW III and millions of deaths (mostly civilians). Might makes Right has proven to be a counter-productive philosophy as it assumes that Might (our military) can achieve some FINAL solution via this philosophy. In reality, the MEANS is the key to the END result. Wisdom is needed to create a world of peace, security, and positive relationships. Military might is a lose/lose proposition.

Inflation/Deflation Debate

The markets have already hyper-inflated and we witness this result in all our asset classes (mostly the bond/equity/real estate markets). The next major trend will be disinflation and then deflation. Debt must eventually be liquidated and this trend of debt liquidation is likely to start in 2017 (as our hyper-inflated index markets crash and burn). After some 8 years of UP markets, the next leg is likely DOWN. This could occur any moment but the end result is obvious to anyone who discerns our current inflated markets (and the debt associated therewith). A 20,000 DOW is ridiculous and a 200 PE for a stock like Amazon is also ridiculous. The markets are now in a hyper-inflated condition which cannot continue much longer. Get ready for some deflation down the road!

As I write this missive I witness a trend towards more fragmentation and dysfunction within all our index markets (now living within cyberspace). Malinvestments are growing everywhere as sound decision-making is replaced with excessive risk strategies. Algorithms and HFT trading is distorting all our markets. We witness this in real estate, stocks, bonds, lending, derivatives, and all our Central bank daily computer manipulations. Bail-ins are coming and a global bank holiday(s) could be evolving for later in 2017 or 2018. The system is broken and it cannot be fixed.

World War III Is On The Horizon

The mindset of our political and military leaders is more of the same which I call the Might makes Right philosophy. We witness this mindset with North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, India, China, Taiwan, Iraq, Turkey, and Israel. The United States of America is the most violent prone of ALL. Since the end of WW II, America has been the policeman for the planet! This role has created serious enemies (for America) which now will lead to a counter strategy (by our enemies) to dismantle American hegemony.

The history of US foreign policy is a violent and bloody one, although this is not necessarily the dominant perception of most Americans. From the frontier wars of subjugation against Native Peoples to colonial wars against Mexico, Spain and the Philippines, the Cold War interventions in Korea, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Grenada, Lebanon, Panama, Libya and elsewhere, the post-Cold War interventions in Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Kosovo, and the post-9/11 interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya today, the US has an unrivaled record of war and foreign military intervention.

There are in fact, few periods in American history when the USA has not been engaged in war or military attacks on other countries. In addition, the USA is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of military weapons, and has a military budget several times greater than all its nearest rivals combined. It is in fact, the most warring nation in modern history (in all of history IMO). It is in this historical context that we have to try to understand its current military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. The mindset of America is the END justifies the MEANS and the means is Might makes Right (a false and self-destructive mindset).

Prophetic Events On The Horizon

Since reality is dual (matter/mind) or (material/spiritual) the big issues today are mostly spiritual in nature. Eschatology is the study of end time events and this seems to be where the world at large is heading. Prophecy speaks to these events and the various interpretations reveal that world conditions will NOT get more stable for quite a long season. Events must play out and human nature must play its role during these end time events. At some point a world leader called the Anti-Christ within the Christian theology (Al-Masih ad-Dajjal also referred to as “the Anti-Christ” is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology) will appear.

The real battle on this planet is a spiritual war between opposing forces which desire to RULE this planet. Will the ultimate winner be MAN or PROVIDENCE (the Creator of ‘man’)? This battle has been going on since day one some 6,000 years prior to today. This battle will continue until it ends. We call the current environment the END TIMES because a culmination to this historic battle is emerging fast. Two forces (sources) will battle to a FINAL end and the winner will then create a new KINGDOM for our planet. Take the time to look into the study of eschatology as you may find it meaningful…given what is happening on the world stage!

Globalism vs. Nationalism

A major battle between those who desire a One World political system for the planet and those who desire to return to a Nation State system is now prevalent among all the elites on our planet. Populism is another ‘name’ for Nationalism and Agenda 2030 is another ‘name’ for Globalism. Global governance is what the elites desire but the general population desires that problems be solved locally (within a Nation State system). The Trump election is a trend towards Nationalism. The Obama/Hillary/Kissinger group desire the opposite…called Agenda 2030 and/or Global Governance!

The big egos now desire to fight this losing battle out over the various media portals. Both Globalism and Nationalism are issues which avoid the bigger picture. In reality, our Creator (Providence) will decide these bigger issues. But the deceived elites think they are in CONTROL. This leads them to pursue a ‘man-centered’ solution which completely misses what is happening in real-time. All these elites need to get educated on the ‘nature’ of man and the ‘nature’ of reality. Reality is Dual and we all live within TWO realms of reality. The material is one realm and the spiritual (consciousness) is the other! Who discerns this reality? I would wager…FEW.

The above was a brief overview of what I consider the important events and trends as we move forward in 2017 and later. The BIG PICTURE is that man is ultimately NOT in control. Man is mostly deceived and unaware of the issues: Who am I? Where did I come from? Who is the Creator of man? What is the Creator’s plan and purpose? What must happen now as end time events play out in real-time globally? Those with wisdom and discernment can comprehend the above overview. Those with eyes of matter (stone) may find the above scenario unintelligible. Courtesy of


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