The Trump War Against the Administrative State: No Wonder They Oppose Him

[A good look at who Steve Bannon is. – Bob]

By Joe Scudder – Re-Blogged From

The Deep State hates Trump because, as Steve Bannon declared, he is dedicated to the deconstruction of the administrative state.

Steve Bannon declared war on the administrative state at CPAC. It is pretty much a synonym for the Deep State, which is actively opposing Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reports,

Bannon framed much of Trump’s agenda with the phrase, “deconstruction of the administrative state,” meaning the system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president says have stymied economic growth and infringed upon U.S. sovereignty. Bannon says that the post-World War II political and economic consensus is failing and should be replaced with a system that empowers ordinary people over coastal elites and international institutions.

At the core, Bannon said in his remarks, is a belief that “we’re a nation with an economy — not an economy just in some global marketplace with open borders, but we are a nation with a culture and a reason for being.”

Bannon repeatedly used the phrase “economic nationalism” and posited that Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement was “one of the most pivotal moments in modern American history.”

Nigel Farage, the British politician who led the successful Brexit movement in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, said in an interview at the conference that Bannon has the right vision to reorder world powers.

“I’ve never met anyone in my life who has such focus and is so clear in the direction that he intends to go in,” Farage said. “Steve is the person with an international perspective on all of this. He’s got a good feel for the direction that he wants to see across the West.”

Bannon also said that many of Trump’s cabinet picks “were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.”

The tone of the Washington Post’s story was surprisingly respectful. They mostly quoted his own words. They also pointed out, probably accurately, that opposing the administrative state allows Trump to not threaten aspects of the state that he likes—such as the Pentagon, Social Security, and Medicare. I don’t like this part of the Trump program… But we’ve elected Republicans who have opposed these social welfare programs (not the Department of Defense) and nothing was done. At least with Donald Trump he is delivering on his promises.

So, no wonder the deep state hates Donald Trump. The deep state and the administrative state are the same thing. They realize their survival is at stake.

I think Bannon would have been more accurate to describe the administrative state as not just “the system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president says have stymied economic growth and infringed upon U.S. sovereignty,” but also as a network of people who profit from the system. These people view Trump as a direct threat. I hope and pray that they are justified in doing so.

The deconstruction of the administrative state in the U.S. would make history! Let’s pray that Trump is given success!


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