Are Democrats Declaring WAR on the United States

[This item was even more inflammatory before I edited it. I re-blog it only to show that a breaking point may be too close for comfort. -Bob]

By Robert McClain – Re-Blogged From iPatriot

I know the Democrats do not like the comparison (who would?) but they are doing exactly what their ancestors did over a century and a half ago.

What happened to the congressman in Alexandria is similar to the assaults on Republican legislators just prior to the outbreak of war that required the new, duly elected president to fire 3/4 of the federal government because of Democrat leaks and sabotage, and to raise an army to invade his own country.

Democrats today howl with rage (do they ever have any other type of reaction to someone that suggests something they find controversial?) against the idea they are like the Southerners of yore. They insist the war was between the anti-slavery north and the pro-slavery south. That is the limit of most Democrats’ education.

The idea that some areas on the north were hotbeds of support for the confederacy seems to be counter-intuitive. Likewise, the pro-union areas in the southern states seems equally silly if your grasp of history is limited to what you learned in Jr. High School. Here is but one limited example that what you were taught just isn’t true.

The Civil War was not just a war between northern and southern states. The Rebellion was fueled by secessionist fervor in the Democrat Party that marginally was the result of the slave question, but mostly about the idea the Federal government had no right to impose Republican values on Democrat areas in any of the several states. [The federal government was strongly protectionist – for northern business interests – to the detriment of the largely agricultural south. -Bob]

Twenty years earlier, Democrat Andrew Jackson threatened to hang fellow Democrat legislators in South Carolina for pushing nullification of federal law.

This is an old argument that has raged almost since the beginning of the republic. What Democrats did in 1861 was nothing less than a revolution against the United States of America. Many people living in the south joined the union army to fight the secessionists, and many living in the north joined the confederacy in support of the right to secede.

Democrats now stand once more on the brink of causing another Civil War. The Constitution does not vest foreign policy powers to the chief executive of California or to any other state. The Several States elect a Chief Executive to represent the ENTIRE United States.

So, today the Counter-revolutionary Democrat Party has declared war again on the United States by trying to overthrow the duly elected choice for president of a majority of states.

So, here we are again. If Democrats insist on trying to foment a coup d’ etat against our duly elected president, if they insist on attacking Republican legislators, then maybe we need to dispatch federal troops to those areas within the United States where anarchist behavior reigns over the Rule of Law.

Just remember, few people thought firing on Fort Sumter would lead to the President raising an army to crush the rebellion.[It didn’t, since Lincoln broke an agreement which would have diffused the situation -Bob] He even suspended Habeas Corpus and kept the rebels in jail after their arrests in Baltimore.

Nobody wins in war. One side loses less. If Democrats don’t get control over their fanatics–and soon–I fear the wave of anger and retribution that might be unleashed as a result.



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