Hire for Attitude and Aptitude, Train for Skill

By Oleg Vishnepolsky – Re-Blogged From Linkedin

As a hiring manager, I learned:

There is a real person behind every resume and profile.

There’s a story behind every person. Don’t judge someone if you don’t know their story.

Some of my best employees have no degrees. Do not get me wrong, I value education. I just do not value decision making based on education levels.

I hired Joe. He had no degree. His parents did not have money to send him to a university. He stayed behind to work and put his younger sister through college.

He was the best project manager I ever known.

Hire people, not education levels.


A candidate did not answer any of my questions. Then, we turned the tables, and I could not answer any of his questions. I hired him, and he was one of the best employees ever.

She had no experience, just a university degree.

Nobody wanted to hire her.

She came to the interview prepared- she knew everything there was to know about our company, our products, and had several product suggestions.

I took a chance on her, and hired her. She started as a junior QA engineer. She then moved quickly to be a business analyst, and then to product management. Now she heads up product management at a major online company.

I saw something in her others did not see – attitude and aptitude.

Trust your intuition. Your hunches are based on experience and facts.



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