NEWS FLASH: World’s Library Sabotaged

By Kip Hansen – Re-Blogged From WUWT

BREAKING NEWS — SABOTAGE  @ The Library of The World

The Library of the World — the greatest collection since the Ancient Library of Alexandria — is the world’s largest and most complete library ever collected —  and which is claimed to hold a nearly complete written record of human knowledge — has been found to have been secretly sabotaged by a cabal within the library’s Indexing Department.


The sabotage was so subtle that it has only become apparent within the last few days.  Here’s what we know so far:  Over the last year, the group within the Indexing Department,  calling themselves The Enlightened,  have been quietly altering the Master Index to the vast collection by altering the individual indexes of works they consider “objectionable” or “evil” or “not helpful” to the social, political and scientific world view of cult’s leaders.

The result of this sabotage is that as of this moment when library users search the computerized library index they no longer find any materials that contradict the views of The Enlightened — the cross-indexes and “popularity ratings” have been manually altered to bury materials The Enlightened have deemed “ill-informed” — which simply means in practice that they are contrary to what The Enlightened think you should know.

The deception has escaped detection for so long because no materials have actually been removed from the library shelves.   Original index entries have not been removed.  If one knows the title and author, the computerized index returns a pointer to the material and it can be called up.  But, no matter how popular the specific item or material, if one searches the index for a list of entries by subject, the resulting list of library materials returned to the user is listed in an order pre-determined by The Enlightened — showing at the top all materials the cabal has secretly tagged as “authoritative” and wishes users to read (in order of its own preference), then all materials not specifically proscribed by them, and only then, buried under all the other entries, are listed the materials marked down by the malefactors as “not-Enlightened”.  The determination of what is “authoritative”, “Enlightened” and “not-Enlightened” has depended entirely on the whim of those heading up the secret cabal.

Bringing immediately to mind the fictional themes of 1984 and Farenheit 451, investigators have found that this secret campaign has been carried out with the misguided intention to “make the world a better place” by combating “bad ideas” held by the common man who is, in the view of The Enlightened,  “self-interested and dumb”.

The full scale and scope of the sabotage is unknown at this time — investigators are digging into the indexes to determine how many topics, and exactly which topics,  have been affected.   At this early stage in the investigation, it has been discovered by mere chance that the following topics appear to have been subject to sabotage:  gun rights, abortion, illegal immigration and climate change……


More at 11…….”

This fictional news flash is horrifically not fictional at all….only the name of the “library” has been changed  — in reality, it is today’s World Wide Web and “The Enlightened” are the top executives at Google.

More to follow in this series as the story breaks.

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Author’s Note:

I only wish that this were a joke.  Unfortunately, it is shockingly true.

Some of the background on story was covered by Adam J. White in an article in the New Atlantis titled “”.

White’s worst fears for the future have been already realized …this series will cover the story, its real world effects and its societal implications.

As always — this is a societal controversy — verify facts for yourself.  Try a Google Search for “Climate Change”.  Try a Yahoo Search for “Climate Change”.  Try a Bing Search for “Climate Change”. Compare results.   Try Google searches of other controversial topics with which  you are personally familiar — see if the listings are obviously tampered with.

Hint, search engines are not independent. Guess who they depend on.


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