New RSS TLT Data is Not Believable

By Bob Tisdale – Re-Blogged From WUWT

In advance of my September 2018 global surface and lower troposphere temperature anomaly update, this is a very quick introduction to the new (over a year old) lower troposphere temperature anomaly data from RSS (Remote Sensing Systems)…just three graphs.

As you likely know, I haven’t published a monthly global temperature update in almost 2 years. Since then, in July 2017, RSS released their version 4.0 lower troposphere temperature (TLT) anomaly data. See the RSS webpage FAQ about the V4.0 TLT Update for more insights.

While preparing this month’s global temperature update, I downloaded the new global RSS TLT version 4.0 data for the first time and compared it to the UAH TLT data and to the three surface temperature datasets from NASA GISS, NOAA NCEI and the UKMO Hadley Centre—with all datasets starting in January 1979 and all referenced to the base years of 1981-2010. The new RSS TLT data shocked me, to say the least. (Expletives deleted.) See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Note that, from January 1979 to October 2018, the new RSS TLT warming rate is even higher than all three surface temperature datasets. Un-flip-flopping-believable!

That prompted me to compare the global (70S-85N) RSS TLT data version 3.3 data (still available here) to the new version 4.0 data (available here). See Figure 2. As illustrated, the new data has a noticeably higher warming rate. I actually said, “Wow!” aloud when EXCEL produced the graph.

Figure 2

And for anyone interested, Figure 3 presents the difference between the two RSS TLT datasets with the version 3.3 data subtracted from the version 4.0 data.

Figure 3


Dr. Roy Spencer, co-author of the lower troposphere temperature anomaly dataset from UAH, published a couple of posts about the new RSS TLT data.


I have a funny feeling this post will generate a couple of comments…hmmmm probably lots of comments at WUWT. Have fun!!!

That’s it for now. I’ll publish the full monthly update very soon. It’s almost ready. I just have to rewrite the text for the RSS data. Oy! I’ll try to remain civil.


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Be back soon.


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