ICE Ready to Deport Approximately 1M Illegal Aliens

By John Binder – Re-Blogged From Breitbart

Acting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli says the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is ready to deport about a million illegal aliens who remain in the country despite having final orders for deportation.

During an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Cuccinelli said despite a delay of mass deportations by President Trump two weeks ago, ICE agents are ready to detain and deport the roughly one million illegal aliens who have been ordered deported from the country.

Cuccinelli said:

[ICE agents are] ready to just perform their mission which is to go and find and detain and then deport the approximately one million people who have final removal orders. They’ve been all the way through the due process and have final removal orders. Who among those will be targeted for this particular effort or not is really just information kept within ICE. [Emphasis added]

Cuccinelli said mass deportations by ICE of illegal aliens with final deportation orders “should be going on on a rolling basis” and blamed “the politics of Washington” for interfering with ICE operations.

“I’m just pointing out that the pool of those with final removal orders is enormous,” Cuccinelli said. “It’s important to note, here we are talking about ICE doing its job as if it’s special. And really this should be going on on a rolling basis for ICE and they’ve been interfered with, effectively, and held up by the politics of Washington to a certain extent…”

Trump, last month, delayed a plan by ICE to mass deport about 2,000 illegal aliens who had final deportation orders after details of the operation were leaked to the media. Former ICE Director Thomas Homan accused Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan of leaking the plans of the ICE raid in order to halt the operation.

Though Trump gave Congress two weeks to devise a plan to close loopholes in the country’s asylum system — loopholes that have invited millions of border crossers to the U.S. over the last decade — no such plan has been crafted that would pass the House and Senate.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that a majority of Americans support Trump’s plan to mass deport illegal aliens following inaction from Congress. This includes support from more than 8-in-10 Republican voters and more than 5-in-10 swing voters.

As Breitbart News has chronicled, there are about 1.7 million illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico, alone, living in the U.S. despite already being ordered deported or having pending deportation orders. The latest federal data concludes that there are more than 925,000 illegal aliens, in total, with final deportation orders who have continued living freely in the U.S. About 20 percent of these illegal aliens have at least one criminal conviction and almost all are not in federal custody. Roughly 60 percent of these illegal aliens come from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.


2 thoughts on “ICE Ready to Deport Approximately 1M Illegal Aliens

  1. U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons: Criminal Alien Report June 2019

    July 5, 2019

    By David Olen Cross

    The United States having a significant foreign national population residing within the nations boundaries, be they legally or illegally present in the country, unfortunately includes those who commit crimes.

    The extent and impact of foreign national crime on the U.S. citizens and residents of this country is clearly revealed by a simple search on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmates statistics website under the heading of inmate citizenship.

    Here are the countries of origin, moreover, the number and percentage of those countries citizens recently incarcerated in the U.S. BOP prison system (Note: The most recent BOP crime numbers available were from June 22, 2019.).

    Inmate Citizenship:

    – Mexico 21,627 inmates, 12.0 percent;
    – Colombia 1,664 inmates, 0.9 percent;
    – Dominican Republic 1,452 inmates, 0.8 percent;
    – Cuba 1,161 inmates, 0.6 percent;
    – Other / unknown countries 9,105 inmates, 5.0 percent;
    – United States 145,335 inmates, 80.6percent;

    Total Inmates: 180,344 inmates.

    To explain the meaning of these preceding criminal alien inmate numbers and percentages, I will translate them into words:

    Combining June 22nd BOP criminal alien inmate numbers, there were 35,009 criminal aliens in the BOP prison system. Alien inmates were 19.4 percent of the federal prison population.

    With 21,627 Mexican nationals being incarcerated in the BOP prison system, at 61.8 percent, they were the vast majority of criminal aliens in federal prisons.

    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. One of the top five offenses, the reason inmates are serving time in federal prisons is for immigration crimes. There were 10,984 inmates in the BOP prison system incarcerated for immigration crimes; they were 6.5 percent of the federal prison population.

    David Olen Cross of Salem, Oregon is a crime researcher who writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime. The preceding report is a service to federal, state, county and city elected and non elected governmental officials to help them assess the impact of foreign national crime in the United States of America. He can be reached at His past crime reports can be found at


    • Murder, and other violent crimes, generally are state and local crimes, so inmates in federal prisons is not a good measure. And, with the ‘recent’ move toward sanctuary cites, many just aren’t being arrested or reported – like the illegal immigrant who shot the girl in San Francisco and then was set free.

      The US has a record of accepting aliens into our country which we all can be proud of. But, there’s a process, which starts at crossing the border legally, at an official checkpoint. There, it’s possible to do some kind of screening for criminals, for disease & other health issues, for drugs, etc.

      When I see invaders jumping the fence after marching here en masse waving their flags of origin – from countries they allegedly are escaping – I feel no sympathy. BTW, the US shares no border with Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador. The caravans come through Mexico, which has offered asylum. and sanctuary

      Please tell me again, why should we accept people who don’t like our country (home country flag waving), who pass up a chance for asylum in Mexico, and who choose to break the law when entering the US, US asylum? Let them come to the checkpoints and request it legally, and then I’m all for considering it.


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